About Us

Playgroup is run by families for families. 

Playgroup is about spending time with our young ones, helping them learn as they play.
We like to keep playgroup a relaxed and enjoyable place for all. With the help of our wonderful facilitator, we seek to provide stimulating activities for the children that cater for all of their developmental needs.

What Happens At Playgroup

Our facilitator, Ashley, has a range of activities set up for your children to engage with.
You and your child(ren) are free to engage if you wish or spend time exploring their own interests.

Morning tea is about 10am when the children
sit on the mat and eat their morning tea (supplied by you). At this time Ashley reads
a story and has a music/rhyme/teaching time.

11.30am is “clean up” time and
everyone helps chip in.

Is Playgroup For Me?

You are welcome to visit playgroup for up to three session to see if this is the place for you and your children. If you have any queries just ask Ashley (our Supervisor) or our regulars. We are happy to help in any way we can. There is no charge for these trial sessions. If you decide yes, then please have a chat to Ashley who will give you an enrolment form.